Blade Opening: 0.28” (7mm)
Effective Cut Length: 0.83” (21mm)
Weight: 1.16 lbs (526.2 g / 18.6 oz)
Overall Length: 6.14” (156mm)
Body Diameter: 1.77” (45m
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Cutting Capacities:

  • 0.10” Max. Copper
  • 0.08” Max. Soft Steel
  • 0.04” Max. Piano Wire
  • 0.28” Max. Soft Plastic



This VESSEL handheld air nipper set is a complete package for cutting and/or crimping wire, terminals, or trimming component leads on thru-hole PCB’s. The cutting blade can easily be rotated for

left-hand or right-hand operation. Replacing manual-operated nippers with VESSEL’s ergonomic air-powered cutters can help reduce operator fatigue and ergonomic issues.

The light-weight air nipper body is crafted out of durable aluminum, has a spring-return piston design, and comes furnished with a knurled-pattern grip on the housing to prevent slippage, a CE-compliant safety-lever throttle, an 8-foot nylon braided air hose with fittings, and a hook for hanging the tool up when not in use.

The N20AS cutting jaw has a 30° angle, an oval-shape head for strength, a beveled cut edge, and is made of high quality alloy tool steel. A mounting pin securely fastens the cutting jaw to the nipper body, which makes it very easy to change out or replace the jaws.

Model GT-N20/SL-AS can cut 0.10” max. copper, 0.08” max. soft steel, 0.04” max. piano wire, and 0.28” max. soft plastic at air pressure of 58-73 psi.

Other size air nipper bodies and cutting blades are available for various cutting and crimping applications.



  • Blade Opening:  0.28” (7mm)
  • Effective Cut Length:  0.83” (21mm)
  • Weight:  1.16 lbs (526.2 g / 18.6 oz)
  • Overall Length:  6.14” (156mm)
  • Body Diameter:  1.77” (45mm)
  • Supply Air Pressure:  58-73 psi



Complete Set Includes:

  • GT-N20/SL - Handheld Air Nipper Body w/Safety Lever
  • N20AS - Cutting Blade, Oval Head, Alloy Steel, 30° Angle
  • A-16355-8, 8-Ft. Nylon Braided Air Hose w/Fittings



Replacement / Optional Parts:

  • GT-N20/SL - Handheld Air Nipper Body w/Safety Lever (No Blade)
  • N20AS - Cutting Blade, Oval Head, Alloy Steel, 30° Angle
  • N20BBH837 - Cutting Bade, Tapered Head, High-Speed Steel, 30° Angle
  • A-16355-8 - 8' Nylon Braided Air Hose w/Fittings

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