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Digital Model Air Micrometer mini
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Compact type pursuing user’s measurement intentions and needs.
Each size of W67mm×H107mm(124mm for DI-40)×115mm.has a built-in regulator and complies with multi power supplies within a range of 85 to 264V for multiple area usage.
Basic model is called DI-10 but other models with additional functions(DI-20,21,40) are also availavle.
Select each model dependent on intended usage.
Previously the air pressure of flow type air circuits was limited due to the use of tapered glass tubes.
Now through the use of a backpressure type circuit, higher reliability of the measuring. head and furthermore, eliminating oil or dust of measuring workpices.
Moreover, since it is a differential pressure type comprising of a parallel bridge circuit trough the addition of a zero adjustment circuit(colored red) to the back pressure type air circuit, it is less influenced by pressure fluctuations in air supply, which can result in higher sensitivity and a wider range of measurement.

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