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Grind Gauges
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■Use Grrind Gauges is used to measure grain sizes of power materials like paine,ink,cosmetics,foods,drug,plastic,cement or ceramic and to assess its granularity(uniform dispersion/kneading condition).
■How to use At first,to drop the ink onto groove of gauge adn pull the scraper this side applying it to gauge vertically.Next,to observe adn assess the pattern shaped by grains of powder meterials.(see the picture right hand)
■Asessment method ・Asessment by Lines method To read scale at the position where beyond three lines of over 10mm width appear consecutively side by side.To repeat this way in three times generally.The mean value in three times shall be applied in this measurement. ・Assessment by Distribution map method To lay the gauge and observe from position at 20~30°oblique above.Next,to read scale at the position where grains start to be in tight formation.

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