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Finished shaft ends
Un-worked shaft ends
Un-worked shaft ends Grade C5 / C7
Selection of Ball screw
Floating unit for Ball screw
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Finished shaft ends: Shaft ends finished Ball screw are prepared for easy assemblage.
Processing of shaft in addition is available for customer’s needs

Un-worked shaft ends: Un-worked shaft ends Ball screw are prepared for special use when finished shaft ends are inconvenience. And long shaft Ball screws are also prepared.

Un-worked shaft ends Grade C5 / C7: Short lead time and best cost performance achieved by special machining process. An ample variety of types to meet various applications.

SUS: It is very easy to use because SUS nuts are produced with the same dimensions as ISSOKU standard ball screw nuts.
It’s best using in clean room, vacuum inside and food machine, medical treatment machine, etc.  And it’s possible to use in a wide range of fields.

Selection of Ball screw: Special types of ball screw are shipped in short delivery. 
Please inquire ISSOKU.

Floating unit for Ball screw: 

Error such as run out of nut end face, alignment error, lead error due to shaft whirling will be extremely reduced by X-Y axis floating joint mechanism.
As pitching error, yawing error and rolling error can be extremely reduced, it’s best for precision feed mechanism.
As joint of floating unit is composed by steel ball and harden shaft and assembled with preload, there is no backlash in lead direction.
High mechanism in compact body and space-saving compared with old type using plate spring.
We will design to meet your installation apace. Please consult us by all means.


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