Quạt thổi Ion CF-30-E

Wide-Type Ionizer with Cross Flow Fan
Designed for maximum Safety and Ease of maintenance
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 Key Features and Benefits:

  • Piezoelectric high-frequency AC corona discharge Ionizing method
  • Inconel Electrode needles
  • Maintains an ion balance of ±5 V using a piezoelectric transformer and capacitive-coupled electrode needles.
  • LED indicator lights up progressively to indicate airflow, which can be varied continuously over the full range of the unit’s performance.
  • Both an alarm LED and external output terminal provide notification in the event of a fan lockup or high-voltage malfunction.
  • Includes a cumulative operating timer (to notify the user of the need to clean electrodes at 200 hours).
  • The electrode needle unit and front cover are both removable for improved maintenance.


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